A Prehung Doorset is a manufactured kit including the door leaf, frame, architrave, hinges, latches and locks.

The Frame

The frame comes made to size with the hinges and striking plates already cut in. This means that there will be no fixing marks visible after installation and there is no need to sink and pellet and fixing screws. The frame is usually veneered to match the door or can be supplied primed and ready for painting. The door frames usually come about 150mm wide, for wider walls extension pieces are used see video. The door set frames in the Classic, Designer, natural and Alexander ranges are NOW available up to 180mm wide.

The Door Leaf

Solidwoodendoors have a very large range of designs that can be made as doorsets. The door leafs are made to measure and have all hinges and locks already mortised into the door. As the door comes prehung in the frame there is not need to shoot in the door in conventional way. I.e There is no planing and retouching to be done. Click Here to see the Ranges


The Architrave is usually supplied to match the door and frame, SWD can supply a couple of different styles of architrave. As the Architrave is also veneered this means that you can get the high quality finish without having to get solid wood architraves run off saving a lot of money. Click Here to see the architraves available.

All this means that your door is made to your exact specifications and comes pre-finished in a matching frame already hung on the hinges with the locks in place with the correct frame width to suit your wall thickness, with matching architrave.

Key Benefits are:

  • All doorsets are made to order and are not off the shelf
  • All the frames and architraves are book matched with the doors
  • They can come in any of our wood finishes
  • They are all pre-finished
  • Installed at the end of the build after decoration and flooring avoiding damage
  • Fast installation
  • Saves you money on your build costs
  • We provide an installation service
  • Click Here to see installation video

  • We have a done a cost comparison so show you the advantages of using prehung doorsets.