Here are the technical specifications for the prehung doorsets.

The Door is made from a high density fibreboard which is then veneered using a 0.6mm hardwood veneer in the chosen wood. The doors have 20-28mm Solid hardwood tongue and grooved lipping all around the door which can be cut down by 10-12mm if required although you shouldn't need to do this if you have a doorset. The doors are then lacquered with a 30% polyester spray lacquer at the factory giving a smooth blemish free appearance. Some of the doors available from SWD are available in Stained or open pore finishes which show off the grain of the wood. They can supply any width up to 1m and any height up to 2.4m. The doors can come in 35, 40 and 45mm versions. FD30 fire regulation doors are also available. See Door Construction

The frame is made from MDF which is then veneered to match. The Standard frames and 30mm Rebated and can come in a variety of sizes from 70-180mm wall thickness's. If you require wider frames than 180mm we can supply extensions pieces which are made to match the frames and will complete your reveals. The frames can be made to meet FD30 fire specifications with appropriate intumescent materials included and fitted.

All of the ironmongery used is high quality European specification locks and hinges. Each door comes with 4 hinges and the doors can be supplied with either a tubular latch, bathroom lock or Euro profile sash lock.See Ironmongery Page.

The technical specifications and ironmongery are subject to change as doors are made in a variety of factories. If you would like to know more exact details about the specific ironmongery and door models please call SolidWoodenDoors on 01932 851081 or 0207 376 7000 where they can answer all of your technical specifications.