SolidWoodenDoors have been in the market for internal doors now for a couple of years. The specialized in Solid Core with veneer doors from Spanish factories. Manager Tony Cope has always been very keen in promoting Doorsets to his clients since his suppliers were using them across Europe in large quantities. Tony though that this was a far more efficient way of supplying and fitting doors. He has been trying to convert as many builders to prehung doorsets and showing them the advantages in doing so.

SWD is the largest supplier of prehung doorsets to the UK at the moment and has been supplying and fitting them in many high value properties for the last 3 years. During that time SWD has changed and corrected any problems found whilst migrating this system to work in the UK. His team of fitters are used to fitting doorsets and have trained and advised builders were needed.

Solid wooden doors has a very large variety of door designs available including various veneers all made to order to your sizes and specifications. SWD can provide Solid Core with Veneer and Solid Oak and Beach doors as prehung sets. They Also can supply matching Skirting, architrave lengths, plinth blocks and cladding. SWD have just started supplying high quality Solid wood windows, floors and shutters. They Also offer Ironmongery from there sister company

Most importantly SWD have there fitting service which you will not find many door suppliers who will measure up and fit. This means that you can be sure that SWD can cater for your needs from start to finish.